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YAMAHA _RX_ 100 #Restored




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OLD Love towards Yamaha RX Bikes


There’s no full stop  towards the love for Yamaha RX bikes. This Yamaha RX 135-4speed is the first bike in that uncle’s life and still he has managed to keep it in showroom condition.. Thats the real love for a bike specially Yamaha RX bikes..

Yamaha RX king of two strokes bikes



Yamaha RX 135-5Speed- Old bike but still roars like a Lion and runs like a Cheetah today. .. #YesYamaha

Yamaha RX bikes (scrap for others but very precious for RX lovers)

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The rising demand for Yamaha RX bikes across the country and globe have proven that still there is a huge love and affection towards Yamaha RX bikes. This two stroke bikes have won many people’s heart by it’s power, performance, looks and of course by it’s sound. It may be Yamaha RX 100, 135-4speed, 135-5speed, RXG, RXZ etc, RX lovers  are still hunting for the old RX bikes to give the same original look like before. This bikes may be 20 to 30 years old but all their spare parts are still available in the market (even small nuts and bolts). Earlier no one wanted to buy second hand yamaha bikes because of other new models which came in the market. Original price of Yamaha RX bikes was around 20 thousand and now this bikes are sold for more then 90 thousand (fully restored). Now people are ready to buy this bikes even if it is scrap or in dead condition. People restore this bikes and sell it for higher price in the market, those who love this bikes will sell it. Many Yamaha RX groups have been formed in various parts of the country in which each person will own at least one Yamaha RX bike, they take out rally’s, rides etc in their bikes. For some people this bikes may be as equal to scrap but for Yamaha RX lovers this bikes are as precious as their life, this is the power of Yamaha two stroke bikes which won many hearts across the country. YES YAMAHA

First model of Yamaha RX 100-GDN, GDK, GDD registered bikes (Made in Japan)

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Yamaha RX 100.. Two stroke, Raw power
Yamaha RX 100 was first launched in mid 80th century and production of this bike was later stopped in 1996. Earlier people didn’t realize the value of this two stroke bike because at that time people didn’t know much about biking craze. some of this bikes were made in Japan with all it’s parts from Japan which was in higher demand at that time and even now. But now in this 21st century the demand to purchase second hand Yamaha RX 100 has increased drastically. RX 100 is still considered as the fastest bike in 100 cc category compared to 21st century bikes. Now people have modified  Yamaha RX bikes with new tyres, disc brakes, porting, boring the engine, putting large alloys, expansion chambers, tuning the  bike etc for higher sporty performance. People are now ready to buy GDK, GDN, GDD registered bikes at any cost and condition (even scrap condition). it gives a pride riding old registered bikes especially Yamaha RX bikes. Right now Yamaha RX bikes are in high demand across the country and globe and people want to own at least one Yamaha RX bike. now a days people use this bikes for drag race, off roading, street race etc. Now if you own one Yamaha RX bike then people around you will look at you with great respect for the bike, that’s the power of a two stroke Yamaha bike.


Yamaha Rx Mikuni carburetor (made in japan) for sale for Rs.2000/-

YAmaha Rx rukuni  carboretor for sale Rs.2000/-
YAmaha Rx rukuni carburetor for sale Rs.2000/-


YAmaha Rx rukuni  carboretor for sale Rs.2000/-
YAmaha Rx rukuni carburertor for sale Rs.2000/-

RX 135-5 speed magnet, Rs.8700/-

RX 135-5 speed magnet  Rs.8700/-
RX 135-5 speed magnet

Yamaha RX-Z for sale with 5 speed block and stock silencer

yamaha RXZ for sale with 5 speed block and stock silencer for Rs 65thousand.
yamaha RXZ for sale with 5 speed block and stock silencer for Rs 65thousand.

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